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Meet Whitney
Founder + Lead Designer

With a diverse background of professional and personal experience including events management, bridal styling, commercial property management, and having traveled much of the world, I am proud to bring a unique perspective to my client's bespoke designs and experience at Oliver James Interiors.  

My design aesthetic continues to evolve and ranges from cheerful, bright colors and patterns to grounded, neutral, old world, organic designs that feel inviting and soulful. However, no matter the outcome, the design always feels timeless, fresh, and reflective of the client's personality and lifestyle. We help bring all our clients' dreams to life whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen remodel in the Boston area. Our clients are always amazed at the look of their new living space!

A Few Fun Facts About Me

  • My husband and I met within a month of freshman year of college fifteen years ago and that was the start and end of my college dating experience.

  • I reside in Metrowest Boston, MA with my husband Jon, son Theo, my daughter Willow, and our mini bernedoodle Poppy. We just moved into an 1814 federal style farmhouse which we are currently in the process of putting our own touches on while still celebrating all of the original details. You can follow along on my Instagram @oliverjames_interiors. 

  • My other passion is traveling the world which I attribute to my unique family ancestry. I am quarter Korean, Argentinian, German, Irish, and more. I have traveled to almost every continent (except Australia and Antarctica) and countries such as Kenya, Israel, Spain, France, Peru, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, and islands in the Caribbean to name a few! I am also related to Che Guevara, the Argentine Marxist Revolutionist, that many of you may recognize as the guy on the t-shirt. 

  • I love hunting for vintage furniture and decor at antique shows and flea markets and mixing in these pieces with newer items for a lived-in look with stories to tell. When I have the time, I also love restoring furniture or transforming it into something fun.

  • I have always considered myself an old soul and more mature for my age and I find that some of my designs are reflective of that. However, don't be fooled. Occasionally you'll get a quick, perhaps innapropriate, one liner from me or catch me owning a game of Cards Against Humanity. 

  • In my free time you can find me with my family, gardening, by a body of water, practicing yoga, wine tasting and eating delicious food, and smelling candles (my weakness!).


Oliver James Interiors is committed to a level of exceptional service and timeless, personalized designs worthy of your investment for years to come. We know we have accomplished our goal when our clients feel their house has become a home and is a true reflection of their lifestyle and true selves. Trust Oliver James Interiors for all your interior designs and remodels in the Boston area!

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